Provide a helping hand
with our extent network of IT experts

itsl - Provide a helping hand with our extent network of IT experts
What we offer


We will support the success of your business with our IT Solutions, provide a helping hand with our extent network of IT Experts and improve the skillset of your company with our tailor made IT Courses


IT Solutions

Our team of experts can fully design your IT infrastructure based on the requirements of business applications. We are able to migrate your business to cloud and provide necessary operation of the infrastructure. In close cooperation with our partners, we can offer Security Operation Center (SOC) as a service and automation of your business process with RPA.

PORTFOLIO IT Solutions - itsl

Our services include planning, building and operation of our client's infrastructure. We can offer project management services for smooth transition of your infrastructure.

We provide migration services as well as analysis of the original environment, design different types of new solutions, and selection of the most suitable, safest and the most efficient solutions.

Our IT solutions are also focused on cybersecurity services, providing security operation center as a service for our clients. We can provide automation of your business and IT processes with the usage of Robotic Process Automation from our vendors.


HR Services

We have wide experiences with IT Outsourcing and our strong network of IT specialist can either boost recruitment in your IT company or support the business of your IT company with body leasing.

PORTFOLIO HR Services, human reasources - itsl

We offer different types of collaboration methods for our customers. You can outsource your IT operation to us, so we will manage the service for you based on agreed SLAs and take over end to end service responsibility. We can also provide our experts for assignments in your organization, so you can enjoy benefits of a body leasing. Finally, we can help your company with the recruitment and headhunting of IT specialists according to your needs.


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© 2023- ATELIER100
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